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Outboards Accessories   21 l tank and detailed line   40 hp Yamaha Maxus Outboard Motors

Maxus outboard motors are the latest generation of low cost outboard motors for sale in Australia. With a large ranges of outboard motors for sale Maxus Outboards are one of the best outboard engines for sale today. With over 50+ stores stocking Maxus Outboards Australia wide, access to these fantastic products and service has never been better.

We back our outboard motors 100%. We offer a 3 year warranty, proof that we believe our outboard motors are the best on the market today in the affordable portable 2 stroke range.

These outboard motors are Yamaha parts compatible, making them even easier to add to your current system. All our parts are stored in Australia, giving you peace of mind in knowing that in the unlikely event you needed spare parts you won’t have to wait long at all.

Maxus Outboard motors come in both a 2-stroke and 4-stroke variety, each with their own benefits. Our 4-stroke outboard motors are quiet and perfect for new boat users. Our outboard motor prices are even easier on the pocket of new boat owners!

These outboard engines are for sale across the country, meaning you can pick one up today! For what they are worth, our outboard motor prices are unbelievable. Many other cheap brands try to match our outboard motor prices but don’t be fooled, only the Maxus Outboard motors will give you the quality you deserve at the best prices.

Our 2-Stroke 6hp and 4-stroke 5hp and up range all include an external fuel tank, really setting you up to get out on the water. These cheap outboard motors blow the competition out the water – Maxus outboard motors.

Check out our outboard motors for sale online or in store at one of our many retailers and hit the water today!



Outboard Motors For Sale

We are pleased to now offer a wider range of 4 stroke outboard motors, the increased range has been well received by customers around Australia and the feedback has been greatly appreciated. The 9.8 four stroke in packed with features and we are pleased we are able to offer it at such a great price, starting from $1995 it is unbeatable value.